• Real time detection of advanced threats
    Our solution for your cyber defense
    Appliance Gatewatcher
  • Advanced Vulnerability Exploitation (AVE) without signature
  • Multiple IOC Support
  • Behavioral analysis and dynamical semi emulation
  • Manage alerts' severity / criticity
  • Daily update of machine learning pattern
  • Responsive technical support

First digital breach detection plateform targeting crafted attacks. Based on next generation technology, it protects organizations against advanced threats.

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Ask for a demo

Cyberattacks are increasingly complex targeted

Faced with an increase of cyberattacks, the acquisition of detection tools has become crucial for organizations whether private or public.

World map
2014 AUSTRALIA Cybercriminality costs to the Autralians more than 100 billions $
2014 BRAZIL More than 1 million cybercrime reported
2015 FRANCE Most attacked European country
2015 NIGERIA According to the UN, hosts 7,5% of cybercriminals
2015 UNITED STATES Target of choice for 21% of world attacks
2015 RUSSIA A Russian cybercriminal created the pirate software Zeus that lead to a loss of more than 100 million $

Security represents the third most important risk for organizations

  • Data theft and misappropriation
  • Deterioration of equipment
  • Decrease of productivity
  • Offense against reputation

The French Military Planning Act (LPM) for 2014-2019 encourages the most strategic French companies, called essential operators (OIV) to invest in cyberdefence and acquire means of breach detection in order to detect and manage network threats. Those measures allow to decrease the cybercrime risks and also to optimize the quality of services.

Many business sectors are affected, including transportation, telecommunications, hospitals, energy, banks, etc.

Gatewatcher is a unique solution of detection for any organizations that wish to protect itself against cybercrime. The solution has been selected for the implementation of the French Military Planning Act.

The cost of cyberattacks is on average 4.8 billion euros. The consequences can be seen on the service quality, the reputation and direct financial loss.


Intuitive,easy and quick to use for the implementation of an S.O.C.

Progressive, our technology is suitable to any client environment

Predictive, threat and 0-days vulnerability anticipation